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Off Grid Systems

Riverside Energy Systems in Kamloops and Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada designs, installs and maintains solar PV, wind and water power systems. As people move toward more environmentally friendly and sustainable energy sources, demand for our custom designed systems is increasing. Riverside offers off grid systems for recreational, residential, commercial, sign lighting, water treatment, telemetry, SCADA, and remote sensing applications.

Our off-grid systems can be found throughout the Southern Interior of British Columbia, including the Fraser Canyon, Thompson Nicola communities stretching from Merritt to Chase and north to McBride, through the Cariboo Inter-lakes country, south to the Okanagan, and all points in between.

The energy needs of each of our off-grid clients vary, which means Riverside Energy Systems works closely with each client to determine the ideal system for each property. Off-grid design begins with careful analysis of load and energy requirements to ensure an ideal balance between storage and renewable energy generation, and reduce dependence on fossil fuel generators. Our mission and passion are to provide highly effective and reliable off-grid energy solutions for our clients.

With over 50 years of combined off-grid design and installation experience you can confidently choose Riverside Energy Systems to meet your unique off-grid electrical systems requirements.

See below for some photos and descriptions of completed off grid energy projects throughout BC for which Riverside Energy Systems designed the energy system, supplied equipment, and completed the installation.

Oving Residence,

Oving Residence

Riverside Energy built an off-grid home for Johannes Oving by keeping his design and high standards...
Wolf Valley Ranch,

Wolf Valley Ranch

Built a reliable off-grid electrical supply on a remote property in the Interlakes area for...
Sheridan Lake Cabin,

Sheridan Lake Cabin

On Serene Sheridan Lake, we had the chance to build 1 kW of solar, a sealed battery bank and...
Gateway 2 Ranch,

Gateway 2 Ranch

Supplied and installed electrical energy by 5.5 kW of solar PV, a 1 kW wind machine, dual 4 kW...
Bridge River Valley,

Bridge River Valley

Designed, supplied and installed an off-grid power system with solar PV, inverter and automatic...
Watch Lake Residence,

Watch Lake Residence

Integrated a 6 kW of solar PV and battery to a beautiful and sustainable off-grid house. The solar...
Wells Gray Park Residence,

Wells Gray Park Residence

In Wells Gray Park, a couple adopted an off-grid lifestyle and added a 6 kW ground-mounted solar...
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