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Riverside Energy Systems

With locations in Kelowna and Kamloops British Columbia, Canada, Riverside Energy Systems is an environmentally conscious business dedicated to design, sales, installation and maintenance of solar PV, wind and water powered electrical generation systems. Since 1995 we have combined years of experience in power systems, industrial instrumentation and control, electrical engineering, design skills, and post-secondary education to create a full service sustainable energy company.

Riverside Energy Systems offers a full spectrum of service to address both grid-tied and off-grid renewable energy system needs, including:

•Assessment, consulting and advising for solar electric, wind, and micro-hydro systems and applications.
•System engineering and design.
•Equipment and system sales, installation, commissioning, and maintenance.
•Electrical contracting.
•Renewable energy systems training.

Our experience encompasses a broad range of projects including residential, public, commercial, industrial, and recreational applications. Through careful site assessment and understanding of client needs, we have designed, supplied, and installed numerous effective renewable energy solutions.

We approach every project striving for excellence in helping our clients achieve goals and desires for increased sustainability, improved energy system efficiency and reliability, decreased electrical energy consumption, and reducing or eliminating electrical grid dependence.

Principles, Staff and Affiliates

Mr. Paul Fletcher

Mr. Paul Fletcher (Director)

Paul is our founding partner and has worked as an industrial instrumentation technician for more than 30 years. He holds a diploma in Industrial Instrumentation Technology, and is certified as a Solar Photovoltaic Systems Electrical Worker. Designing and installing solarPV, wind, and micro-hydro electrical energy systems has been a passion for Paul since 1994. He launched a renewable energy business in 1995 which continues today as Riverside Energy Systems.

Mr. Ben Giudici

Mr. Ben Giudici, P.Eng (Director)

Ben has worked in utility power systems protection and control, industrial control systems, and electronic instrumentation for 12 years in industry as an engineer with BC Hydro and 21 years as a Thompson Rivers University faculty member and coordinator in electronics and engineering programs. He holds Bachelor and Masters degrees in electrical engineering and is registered as a Professional Engineer in the province of BC. Ben has extensive experience in engineering design, project management, collaboration, and supervision. He has a keen interest in photovoltaics and has been very active in solar PV systems design, installation, and training since 2009.

Mr. Greg Lambertus

Mr. Greg Lambertus (Director)

Greg has worked as an electrician in the Kamloops area since 2005. He has a broad range of experience in industrial, commercial, and residential electrical project construction, installation, and maintenance work. Greg holds an inter-provincial electrical TQ, a Class B electrical contracting license, and FSR designation in the province of BC. He has been working with Riverside since 2013 and became a principal in the company in 2015. Greg brings unsurpassed project management skills and work ethic to our team.

Mr. Chris Irving

Chris holds a diploma in Architecture and Industrial Processing CAD. He worked for 11 years in design, planning, and project management of fibre-coax systems installations and is now pursuing a career in electrical trades. We are fortunate to have had Chris join Riverside Energy Systems as an electrical apprentice in early 2016.

Mr. Steve Benoit

Mr. Steve Benoit

Steve has more than 14 years of experience as an electrical tradesman in the forestry, mining, and water treatment industries in BC as well as Australia, and Guyana. He worked for 23 years as a TRU faculty member developing and delivering programs in electrical trades, municipal water treatment, and First Nations water treatment. Steve holds an inter-provincial electrical TQ, is both a qualified electrical FSR and licensed Class A Electrical Contractor (Benoit Contracting) in the province of BC. He has been working closely with and supporting Riverside Energy Systems as an electrical contractor since 2010.

We have up to date Professional Liability and Commercial General Liability insurance coverage. Presently both policies have $2,000,000 individual claim and aggregate limits. We are also in good standing with WorkSafe BC.

We are legally registered as 0844408 B.C. Ltd. in British Columbia and do business as “Riverside Energy Systems”.

Our street and mailing address is:
Riverside Energy Systems
969G Laval Crescent
Kamloops BC
V2C 5P4

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