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Why Solar? Why Now?

Solar prices have dropped dramatically
Save Money

You can start saving thousands of dollars with a customized solar energy solution. Recent reductions in the cost of solar panels and the Greener Home Grant have made solar an obvious choice for saving money while choosing power from the sun. Whether it is your home or a commercial property, just imagine the certainty and added value of free electricity. Ask us how?

The cost of solar and value of free electricity is being reflected in home sale prices. Financing can be made available with payments as low as $71.00 per month*, details here

Shorter payback periods

Typical payback periods for On-Grid systems are now as low as 6 years with the $5,000 Greener Home Grant. Off-Grid systems are even lower because of the high cost of alternative fuels. Choose the payback period that works for you. BC Hydro rate increases have averaged 6% and 8% per year for Step 1 and Step 2 respectively over the past 10 years. Take charge of your costs by choosing solar.

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Live your legacy and leave the Planet a better place. Make it your time to reduce your carbon footprint.

We recommend that anyone choosing this lifestyle should contact Riverside Energy Systems.
~ Tim & Cindy Gangloff


Systems generally range from $10,000 to $25,000 and even lower now with the $5,000 Greener Home Grant based on your goals, electricity requirements and sun exposure.


With over 25 years in the industry, Riverside Energy is a trusted innovator and leader in solar solutions. Our service includes expert advice, all associated permits, facilitating net metering agreements with utility providers, professional installation and warranty.

*subject to interest rates in effect at the time of loan approval.

The attention to detail,
enthusiasm and commitment by
the partners was outstanding!

~ Patsy Bourassa
Kamloops, BC

Our Expertise

Riverside Energy Systems, is an environmentally conscious business dedicated to excellence in the supply, installation and maintenance of leading edge solar energy systems. Built on a foundation of off-grid installations, we combine years of electronics experience with electrical engineering and design skills to provide full service sustainable energy solutions. Whether working on large commercial projects, net zero homes, off-grid or on grid homes, we designs systems which increase sustainability, improve energy system efficiency and reliability, decrease electrical energy consumption, and reduce or eliminate electrical grid dependence. Located in Kamloops and Kelowna we serve the entire Thompson, Okanagan, Nicola and Cariboo-Chilcotin area. Contact us today to start exploring your customized solar energy system solution.

Technical Experts - Consultants, Teacher, Advisors

As leaders in the sustainable energy field, Riverside provides consulting and design advice to all levels of government, industry, developers (residential, commercial and industrial) and the general public. The team of experts at Riverside are sought after education and training professionals providing a wide array of education, training and capacity building programs for Industry associations, Indigenous communities and Training Institutes.

Their installations are very well completed and follow up is second-to-none!

~ Brian Hayashi
Kamloops, BC

Giving Back

Our business model would not be complete without a commitment to acknowledging our good fortune and assisting where we can. Riverside Energy has donated design and installation services to support life changing charitable initiatives.

Unako House in Nepal

In partnership with IWEN (The Intercultural Women’s Education Network of Canada) and DWC (Developing World Connections) this house creates possibilities to free young women from bonded labor, reunite them with their families, and provide educational opportunities that will be life changing.More...

Chisac property in Alta Verapaz, Guatemala

In support of Impact Ministries the Chisac property produces food to help feed hundreds of the most needy children and families in the region. The solar project will enhance the production of food by harnessing solar energy.More...

Kapsowar Mission Hospital, Kenya

In support of the Southwest Community Church in Kamloops and volunteer Medical Director Dr. Gerhard Schumacher, the solar project will decrease energy costs to produce savings to hire more doctors and nurses for this very busy hospital in the Kenyan highlands.More...

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