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Ben Guidici, P.Eng, Director at Riverside Energy

Ben Guidici, P.Eng.

Director - Riverside Energy Systems

Brysen Watson, Electrical Engineer

Brysen Watson, Electrical Engineer

Riverside Energy Systems is uniquely positioned with their own in-house engineering team, providing added value and unparalleled advantage in customized solar energy system planning, consulting and advising, and engineering design services to their customers.

Led by Ben Giudici, Professional Engineer, educator and trainer, the Riverside engineering team is driven by a passion to help those seeking to understand the opportunities and complexities of solar technology, and how to maximize their investment. ‘We thrive on demystifying solar technology and establishing design confidence for our customers, as we implement the very best solutions to meet their needs. Harnessing solar energy doesn’t need to be complicated but is a relatively new concept to many people. We’re here to make the process as seamless as possible.’ says Ben.

Brysen Watson joined the team as an engineering co-op student in 2020 and continued on with Riverside after graduating as an engineer in 2021. His fascination with the physics and versatility of solar energy feeds his passion for renewable energy generation. As part of the engineering team at Riverside Brysen enjoys customizing solar energy systems, “Depending on the goals our customer wishes to achieve, we can design a system to accomplish it”.

As leaders in the sustainable energy field, Riverside provides professional consulting and design advice to all levels of government, industry, developers (residential, commercial, and industrial) and the general public. The team of experts at Riverside are sought after education and training professionals providing a wide array of education, training and capacity building programs for Industry, Indigenous communities, and Training Institutes.

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