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Introducing Greg Lambertus – Principal and Project Manager
Riverside Energy Systems

Greg Lambertus installing Solar Panels with Riverside Energy

Attracted by the opportunity to work in the renewable energy sector and Riverside’s the core values, Greg joined the company in 2014.        He is a licensed electrician with a broad range of experience in industrial, commercial, and residential electrical project construction, installation, and maintenance work. Greg brings unsurpassed project management skills and work ethic to the team and not only that, he is a ‘GREAT SPORT’, as you can see in the photo.   

Greg Lambertus in Nepal during a philanthropic solar energy installation trip
During a philanthropic solar energy installation trip to Nepal, on the way to what he thought was a Everestian experience, Greg was diverted to a community welcoming ceremony where the local women showered the team with incredible amounts of flowers and decoration.  ‘Incredible people and an unforgettable experience’

Greg and his wife Nikki love Kamloops.  With their two young boys they are busy family enjoying adventures, bike riding, camping and just about everything his kids are into.

When asked about what Greg likes best about solar energy?  “After being involved for 7 years, I still get excited every time we energize a system and see how much power it’s making. The fact that we all have the opportunity to be producing our own solar energy propels me to continue in the solar industry.  What I like to hear most from my customers is - how much power they are producing!!!”

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