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How do I become a Solar Energy Prosumer?

You probably thought we made up the word Prosumer. Well no, we can’t take credit for it. Prosumer is a real word created in 1980 by American futurist Alvin Toffler. We can take credit for our successful track record for creating Prosumers throughout the Southern Interior of BC by advocating for and delivering renewable solar energy systems. A solar energy prosumer is someone who both produces and consumes energy. Historically, energy operated on a one-way road. Utility companies generated power and individuals consumed it. Becoming a solar prosumer is a very cost-effective solution for providing affordable and renewable energy for your home or business while decreasing your overall carbon footprint.

Most homeowners & business owners are aware that the common sources of energy are natural gas and electricity. Both are expensive and have major environmental disadvantages. Solar panels are an excellent alternative for the environment and your bank account. Join the growing population of Solar Energy Prosumers!

Solar energy enables people to consume the energy that is generated from their system and sell the excess back to power distribution companies, also known as net metering. Net metering is when your system generates more electricity than you consume. You receive a credit to your account for the excess by the utility provider.

Many of our local Kamloops clients are turning to solar energy systems to help lower their monthly expenses and increase their ability to generate energy at a reasonable cost, even during times of peak demand. Over 12 hours of sun exposure during the average fair-weather day provides an abundance of energy for Solar Prosumers in the area.

Riverside Energy's team of highly experienced solar panel installers strive to provide all Kamloops and B.C clients with the highest level of professionalism during all installations and configuring all renewable energy systems. Our solar panel installers are extensively trained in detecting hazards, placing components, labelling wiring in addition to performing in-depth testing to ensure each system function flawlessly, maximizing efficiency. We are committed to facilitating net metering agreements with utility providers and back up all our work with a warranty.

If you are interested in more information about our services, our team or would like to learn more about how to become a Solar Prosumer, visit and take the first step towards saving thousands of dollars with renewable energy!

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