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Grid-Connected Solar, More Affordable Than Ever!

Photovoltaic technology has advanced at a rapid rate over the course of its short lifetime, and the last eight years have seen the price per watt of solar drop three-fold. However, while the industry has moved forward, it would appear that many people’s perception of solar remains entrenched in the past—based upon an unproven and prohibitively expensive technology.

A recent install by Riverside Energy Systems illustrates just how far solar has come in recent years. The client contacted us last summer about installing a grid-tied system to offset his step 2 power consumption. The image shown above, is of the fully operable system installed just two months later at his home residence in picturesque Clearwater BC. At just under $3.00 per Watt, the same system would have cost three to four times as much to install a decade ago.

If you are interested in solar but not pursuing it because of the perceived cost, it may be time to reconsider. Due to rising electricity costs (doubling in the last decade) and the falling cost of solar—it makes more sense now than ever to install a photovoltaic energy harvesting system for your home or business. Contact Riverside Energy Systems to find out how we can help guide you through the process from start to finish.

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