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Decrease Your Energy Expenses in Clearwater with a Solar Power System

Riverside Energy Systems is a solar power system installer, consultant, and retailer in British Columbia. Whether you are in town, out of town, trying to decrease your monthly bills, or hoping to live completely off grid, solar panels can help. Solar energy comes from the sun’s radiation and is readily available to convert to electricity or heat. Thanks to advances in technology, harnessing even more of this incredible energy source is possible.

If you live or run your business in Clearwater, BC, and are curious about how solar panels can work for you, reach out to Riverside Energy Systems for the answers to all of your questions. Solar energy has the least negative impact on our environment in relation to other energy sources. It does not produce greenhouse gases, or pollute our precious water systems. As long as there is sunshine, solar energy can be created anywhere. It is a truly renewable energy source. Our professionals are experts at helping customers find the best way to harvest sunlight, and with an average of over 2,000 hrs of sunshine annually in the area, Clearwater is an ideal location for sunlight harvesting.

Clearwater residents Steve and Sharon decided to disconnect their Wells Gray Park home from the grid in 2014. Their electricity needs are now met using a 6 kW ground mounted solar array and battery storage, supplied by Riverside Energy Systems.

Our projects have included a number of grid-connected residential and commercial systems as well as off grid residential, recreational, and specialty systems. By thoroughly assessing your site we can confidently predict system performance and design an effective solution for your specific site and application. Please contact us to request a quote and/or discuss your needs.

Solar power installation can benefit your entire community. By harvesting Clearwater’s energy, Riverside Energy could help the municipality achieve its goals for increased sustainability. The City of Kamloops made such sustainability improvements when they recently renovated West Highlands Community Centre, choosing Riverside Energy to supply and install the photovoltaic (PV) system.

Aside from environmental reasons, installing solar power systems also makes sense from an economical perspective — generating your own electricity means you will use less (or none) from the utility supplier. This will immediately translate to savings on your energy bill. A grid-connected residential solar PV system is an excellent investment and the business case and rates of return have never been stronger than they are right now.

We pride ourselves on being an environmentally conscious business and are dedicated to helping like-minded businesses reach their sustainability objectives. In 2017 we designed, supplied, and installed a grid-connected solar power system for the Britannia Mine Museum Visitor Centre.

Whatever your personal or business needs, Riverside Energy is committed to helping all clients achieve their goals and desires for increased sustainability, improved energy system efficiency and reliability, decreased energy consumption, and reducing or eliminating electrical grid dependence. We look forward to discussing the best way for you to get your property set up with an efficient and affordable solar energy system.

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