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  • West Highlands Park – Kamloops
  • Lumos Solar Canopy
  • Timis Residence – Golden BC
  • Impact Ministries – Guatemala
  • Hayashi Residence – Kamloops BC
  • Atherton Residence – Bridge Lake BC
  • Hooton Residence

Timis Residence - Golden BC

Located in a breathtaking hilltop setting near Golden BC, the Timis family asked Riverside Energy for help with improving power security for their home using an approach that would also reduce their grid electricity consumption. The 6 kW solar PV system uses both grid dependent and grid interactive inverters to maximize energy export to the grid and provide power for essential loads should the grid go down. High voltage solar chargers offer full array charging capacity helping the home ride through any possible extended grid outage. The racking system was skillfully constructed in advance and we were treated to wonderful home cooked meals and generous hospitality while completing the project!

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