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How does Solar Power work?

Simply put Solar power works by converting light from the sun into electricity. Sunlight in the form of photons hit the solar panels on your roof or ground mount. The panels absorb and convert the energy from freed electrons to DC current, which then flows to an inverter and is converted from DC electricity to AC electricity. This electricity is then used to power your home and if there is excess power generated it can be exported to the grid.

How long does it take to pay back the cost of the system?

Typical payback periods for On-Grid systems are now as low as 6 years with the $5,000 Greener Home Grant. Off-Grid systems are even lower because of the high cost of alternative fuels. Choose the payback period that works for you. If you are financing your system purchase the payment is often less than your current power bill

What is the Grid?

The Grid refers to an inter-connected power network that delivers electricity from producers to consumers. Areas serviced by electricity producers through an electrical network are referred to as On-Grid.

Geographic areas which do not have electrical services are referred to as Off-Grid and typically rural or remote locations.

The major difference between On and Off Grid systems are how the excess energy is stored. On-Grid Systems are controlled by a net metering agreement with the producer which sets out the terms for the storage and exchange of the electricity produced by the system, whereas with Off-Grid systems the storage of excess solar energy is managed through a specially designed battery storage system installed at the property.

Do all systems need batteries?

No. Typically batteries are used in Off-Grid installations for power storage. With On-Grid systems, the Grid is the storage system. On-Grid site battery storage is an option, but rarely selected.

What is Net Metering?

Net metering is a process which allows solar energy producers (homeowners, businesses and institutional customers) who generate their own electricity using on-grid solar energy systems to export their surplus energy back to the grid under buy-back or credit systems and draw from the grid when they need supplementary electricity.

My Roof is old. How old is too old?

Installing solar energy systems on an older home is very common.

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