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  • West Highlands Park – Kamloops
  • Lumos Solar Canopy
  • Timis Residence – Golden BC
  • Impact Ministries – Guatemala
  • Hayashi Residence – Kamloops BC
  • Atherton Residence – Bridge Lake BC
  • Hooton Residence
  • Grid Connected Solar Energy Systems

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If you are ready to realize your dream of designing and implementing a solar PV power system for residential, commercial or recreational use, Riverside Energy Systems in Kamloops, BC would love to hear from you. Our projects have included a diversity of grid connected residential and commercial systems, to off grid residential, recreational and specialty systems. We help our customers with all phases of a solar power project from consulting/advising to engineering/designing to equipment sales, installation, and service.

Under Riverside's Giving Back program, our team has had the pleasure of volunteering and collaborating to design and help install an off-grid power system at Unako House in Dang, Nepal for young women and their families, a grid connected solar system to benefit needy children and families in Guatemala, and most recently a grid-connected solar system to benefit a remote missions hospital in Kenya.
Riverside Energy Systems is always open to new challenges and innovative projects that bring renewable energy sources such as solar energy to the forefront.

TRU Campus Activity Centre,

TRU Campus Activity Centre

TRU Sustainability arranged a project of installing a 10 kW solar array using ballasted racking to...
Brown Residence – Coldstream, BC,

Brown Residence – Coldstream, BC

We designed and installed 6 kW solar PV for Jim and Cathy Brown to reduce their electrical...
Gateway 2 Ranch,

Gateway 2 Ranch

Supplied and installed electrical energy by 5.5 kW of solar PV, a 1 kW wind machine, dual 4 kW...
Impact Ministries – Guatemala,

Impact Ministries – Guatemala

In 2015, we volunteered with Impact Ministries Guatemala to design and install a grid-connected 6...
Remote Sensing,

Remote Sensing

A battery-based solar system with 1 kW solar array, battery system and inverter to power equipment...
Telecom Power Trailers,

Telecom Power Trailers

Created a 500 W of solar and 200 W of wind generation to provide power in remote areas where grid...
Barz Residence - Kamloops BC,

Barz Residence - Kamloops BC

Did a professional structural assessment to avoid roof penetrations; created a shade-tolerant...
Bepple Residence – Kamloops BC,

Bepple Residence – Kamloops BC

Installed a 2 kW roof-top solar system using 250-watt panels and micro inverters and turned home...
Bridge River Valley,

Bridge River Valley

Designed, supplied and installed an off-grid power system with solar PV, inverter and automatic...
Collett – Papais Residence – Ashcroft, BC,

Collett – Papais Residence – Ashcroft, BC

Integrated grid-connected solar generation with battery backup to supply essential loads during...
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