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TRU Trades and Training partners with Riverside Energy Systems to prepare electrical students for a Solar Energy future,

TRU Trades and Training partners with Riverside Energy Systems to prepare electrical students for a Solar Energy future

There is never a dull day in the Trades and Training program at TRU.  Amie Schellenberg is an Electrical Training instructor at TRU and recently incorporated a pilot ‘Renewable Energy Fundamentals’ segment in the Electrical foundation course for students entering the electrical trade.  In partnership with Riverside Energy Systems, delivery of the program includes the design and construction of solar photovoltaic energy systems to prepare students for a bright future in the renewable energy sector.  

Riverside Energy Systems has worked with TRU many times on renewable energy projects.  Ben Guidici, one of Riverside Energy’s founders, is a former TRU instructor and understands first-hand the importance of bringing leading edge technology to students.  When students are able to learn and understand new and different technologies it simply increases their value in the work force and provides broader dimension to their careers.  Riverside Energy is committed to working with and supporting TRU as they continue to develop and deliver top rate programs.  

Amie says, “I can’t describe how much I appreciate the relationship I have with Riverside. Ben is such a valuable resource to me.  I go to him with all my hard solar questions.   Our most recent project with Riverside Energy Systems was getting their help to design and build a solar demo installation here at TRU.  We met several times to scope out the site and find the best interconnection point to make sure we were building for the future”.

The pilot project for the Renewable Energy Fundamentals for Electricians class was a value added bonus to the Foundations program. It was planned to demonstrate 4 different solar installations; a ground mount, pitched roof, flat roof, and pole mount and included different connection methods, a central inverter for the ground mounted system and repurposed 3 phase micro inverters for the other 3. 


The course had a large solar component including:  

    • PV (photovoltaic) basics

    • Grid tied systems and Net Metering

    • Off-grid systems

    • Battery basics

    • Inverter Types

    • Charge Controllers and other equipment

    • Site Evaluations

    • System Installation

    • Commissioning

    • Troubleshooting and Maintenance


“Riverside Energy staff were with us for 4 days during the installation, mentoring my new students and guiding them through the builds.  It was such a valuable learning experience for us all", said Aimee. 

Riverside Energy Systems has an established reputation in delivering education and training in the renewable energy sector through recognized institutions and associations committed to higher levels of education for their students and members.  Education and training programs are customized to meet the needs of the participants and can be available on-site, on-line or at local educational institutions.  For more information contact us here at  

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