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Procedure for Solar Designers, Builders and their Design Teams to Quickly Define Solar PV Requirements


Planning and Decision Guide for Solar PV Systems 

Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) recently funded the creation of a Planning and Decision Guide for Solar PV Systems.  Ben Giudici of Riverside Energy Systems, a leading expert expert in Solar PV systems co-developed the guide with Terry Strack of Strack and Associates.   

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What is the Guide?  

The Guide assists consultants, builders and homeowners in integrating solar PV technologies into residential applications. 

Why Builders Need the Guide? 

    • Provides a framework to improve performance, affordability and value of a new home. 

    • Reduces risks and costs to ensure a seamless integration of PV Solar System into the new build. 

    • Leverages “lessons learned”, enhancing technology and performance and reducing cost and risk. 

How does the Guide help Builders/Developers? 

    • Demonstrates forward thinking to potential buyers 

    • Creates additional value 

    • Provides long term sustainability benefits to offer to the environmentally conscious new home buyer.  

What’s in the Guide? 

    • Roles and Responsibilities of Planning and Installing a PV Solar System. 

    • Design Considerations and Requirements 

    • Utility Connection, Requirements and Net-Metering 

    • Equipment Types and Options 

    • Siting, Sizing and Mounting. 

    • Installation methods 

    • Specifications 

    • Worksheets 

    • Technical Resources 

    • Best Practices 

    • Energy Monitoring.  

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