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Fraser Valley Developer Chooses Kamloops Company To Out Shine The Competition Using Solar Energy Systems In Every New Home,

Fraser Valley Developer Chooses Kamloops Company To Out Shine The Competition Using Solar Energy Systems In Every New Home

The Odessa group has selected Riverside Energy Systems of Kamloops to help their consumers feel good about their energy consumption and impact on the environment.

KAMLOOPS B.C. (SEPTEMBER 24, 2020) Riverside Energy Systems of Kamloops BC is pleased to have been selected by The Odessa Group of Chilliwack BC to install the Kick Start 2 panel solar energy system as part of their standard new home features.  President Nathan Stone confirms that the Odessa Group has contracted the services of Riverside Energy Systems to offer a step up for their homeowners in achieving higher levels of energy efficiency and renewable energy by using solar energy as a standard feature.

He explains,” As building codes and consumers require higher levels of energy efficiency in new homes the development industry is challenged to balance energy efficiency and affordability.  Our company already builds to a standard that exceeds the code by at least 20%.  We are known for ‘future proofing’ our construction standards by staying ahead of the changing building code regulations.  Solar energy systems just seemed the next logical step towards our energy efficiency home building goals.

We constantly analyze new innovations and how we can incorporate them into our product in a way that is affordable for consumers.  Building solar energy systems into our homes allows for sustainability and constructability, quickly and efficiently.  There is no retraining required for our employees or sub-contractors, the energy used is renewable, the system costs have dropped dramatically, the payback in terms of savings to the customer and to the planet are immediate. Relative to other sustainability measures solar is excellent.”  

“We chose to work with Riverside Energy Systems because of their highly professional team, superior technical knowledge, track record and their commitment to quality every step of the way.  From the product they choose to the customer experience their reputation and goals aligned completely with ours.  When it comes to excellence, Riverside it is a very easy choice,” says Nathan Stone.  


Established in Kamloops British Columbia, Canada in 1995 Riverside Energy Systems is an environmentally conscious business dedicated to design, sales, installation and maintenance of Solar PV energy systems. With 25 years of experience in solar power systems, industrial instrumentation and controls, electrical engineering, design skills, and professional ctonsultation service Riverside Energy is a successful full-service sustainable energy company.

Riverside Energy Systems strives for excellence in helping our clients achieve their goals and desires for increased sustainability and energy system efficiency.  With a full spectrum of service from residential to industrial, either grid-tied or off-grid, clients are embracing renewable solar energy and the benefits of savings from Day 1.

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