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  • Grid Connected Solar Energy Systems
  • Grid Connected Solar Energy Systems
  • West Highlands Park – Kamloops
  • Lumos Solar Canopy
  • Hayashi Residence – Kamloops BC
  • Hooton Residence

Collett – Papais Residence – Ashcroft, BC

Daniel and Marina, live on a gorgeous acreage high above the Thompson River near Ashcroft. In 2012, they approached Riverside Energy Systems for help integrating grid-connected solar generation along with battery backup to supply essential loads during power failures. The system design has grown through 3 phases of expansion from 5.5 kW initially to 8.5 kW today. Battery based grid-interactive inverters have been used to provide backup power during grid outages. Daniel made creative use of trusses over a shipping container such that one of the solar arrays serves double duty as a weatherproof roof membrane. We measured wind activity for an extended period to assess the viability of wind generation. The data showed installing more solar capacity would be more effective.

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