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  • Grid Connected Solar Energy Systems
  • Grid Connected Solar Energy Systems
  • West Highlands Park – Kamloops
  • Lumos Solar Canopy
  • Hayashi Residence – Kamloops BC
  • Hooton Residence

2010 Green Dream Home – Kamloops, BC

A CMHC sponsored Equilibrium Home designed for net-zero energy performance. Riverside Energy designed, installed, and commissioned the roof-top (6.8 kW) and balcony railing (1.5 kW) PV systems in accordance with a net-metering agreement with Corix Utilities. The design uses 3 string inverters; two for the roof-top and the third for the balcony. Translucent bi-facial solar panels used on the balcony railing, provide privacy while generating additional solar electricity to help meet the net-zero target for the home. The balcony solar panels work particularly well late fall through early spring when the sun is lower in the sky.

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