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  • West Highlands Park – Kamloops
  • Lumos Solar Canopy
  • Timis Residence – Golden BC
  • Impact Ministries – Guatemala
  • Hayashi Residence – Kamloops BC
  • Atherton Residence – Bridge Lake BC
  • Hooton Residence

Cathryn and Jim Brown

As prospective photovoltaic clients, we researched Riverside Energy online and in-person by visiting three of their installations. Impressed by what we saw, we proceeded with our order for a 6 Kw array in late summer 2012. Working with Ben and Paul has been a delight. Their knowledge, integrity, conscientiousness, work ethic, and downright pleasantness have led to an excellent experience. Our array was located in what Ben termed "a perfect site" and the rack - built to their specifications by a family member - was also termed "perfect". The panels arrived in timely fashion; they were installed speedily and we were connected by October 2, 2012 to the grid. We currently monitor production monthly and to date are producing close to upper-level predictions for the site and season. Working with Riverside Energy is highly recommended from our point of view.

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